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Nowadays, obtaining your company consumption data can be simple and inexpensive. Asenerval offers you several possibilities to remain linked to the measuring equipment. A totally free start-up with no need to install any equipment for the electricity meter readings of fiscal measure, whether your property or Distributing Company’s.

We are responsible of the needs of any company thanks to its easy parameterization, quick implementation and versatility, due to any measurement element or telemetery counter can be integrated.

ASENERVAL website is the online solution for the complete management of power. You will find all the necessary tools to deal with the new demands according to the exigencies of the European energy market and maximise your energy savings. In addition, you will have the support of our engineers in the search of solutions to any problem derived from the energy consumption.

GSM basic measures
GPRS basic measures
ETHERNET advanced measures
(AMR + Analyzers)
GSM basic measures (quarter-hourly, daily discharge)
GSM basic measures (quarter-hourly, instantaneous discharge)
ETHERNET advanced measures (Real-time measures, Meter+Analyzer)
Unlimited users generator (User/Password)
Quarter-hourly consuming energy (energy counter )
Quarter-hourly consuming energy (partial analyzers)
Reactive power, power factor and penalties follow-up
Monitoring of the optimum active power. Maximeters.
Estimation of the optimum active power to be contracted. Savings studies
Advanced parameters follow-up (Intensity, voltage, THDV, THDI, etc.)
Temperature measurement and control
Alarm programming (reactive power, power, anomalous consumptions)
Daily alarms. Daily alarm status report
Instantaneous alarm (Real-Time notification)
Programming of virtual points
Verification of the electric company invoice and management of your savings
Closing meter readings.
Management of the contracts evolution with electric marketers
Energy price follow-up (OMEL)
Fixed versus Pool price comparisons
Obtaining costs in Euros
Comparing the power consumption among installations
Comparison of energy consumption between different points of an installation
Comparing consumption at different moments in time.
Obtaining the average curve of enery consumption
Programming, Calculation and Tracking of Ratios. Base Curve
Advanced simulations. Energy modification at any point of time.
Visualization of graphics with the possibility of zooming and saving images
Exporting data to Excel
History storage unlimited
Monthly follow-up reports
Multisede reports
Downloadable APP for Android and i-OS